Closed Cooling Tower

Closed Circuit Cooling Tower are routinely selected for numerous commercial and industrial process cooling applications.

  • Some examples include:
  • Water-source heat pumps
  • Cooling special fluids.
  • Self-contained cooling units
  • Compressor jacket cooling Intercooling, Aftercooling.
  • Chillers
  • Machine jacket cooling
  • Free cooling applications
  • Induction furances
  • Data centers
  • Consolidating multiple loads into a single cooling nuit
  • Hybrid evaporative/dry cooling

The closed circuit cooling tower advantage

  • Closed circuit cooling systems provide many operational and maintenance benefits to the user by keeping the process fluid in a clean, closed loop.
  • Protect process fluids from contamination
  • Maximize system efficiency by reducing fouling and scaling tendencies
  • Reduce system energy costs
  • Reduce system maintenance costs

The closed circuit cooling advantage

  • Vs. Cooling Tower+Heat Exchanger Combination
    Closer approach to wet bulb and reduced fouling improve process efficiency
  • Vs.Air-Cooled Systems
    10—20tClower process temperatures.less required space.and lower energy consumption.
  • Vs.Open Cooling Towers
    Contaminant free,closed loop cooling significantly reduces process foulmg.ensurmg constant performance over time.
  • Vs.Once-Through Systems
    Reduces environmental impact,saving up to 95% of the cooling water.
  • Rdduced Installed Cost And Space Requirements
    Effectively combines the function of a cooling tower and heat exchanger into one pece of equipment.reduces required piping and system complexity

Principле of Operation of Counter flow closed circuit cooling tower

The fresh air intakes from bottom air inlet, and will become saturated hot air mixed with spraying water as they flow in reverse direction. The process fluid to be cooled is circulated within a serpentine cooling coil, which is continually wetted on the outside by the spraying water system. The heat is transferred by the wall of coil, becomes saturated steam when it meets spray water and air. The heat will be exhausted out by fans,but the water will be collected to water basin for secondary spraying by its special designed drift eliminator. As no infill inside, BNX series cooling tower has much space to enlarge its coil unit heat rejection area, the structure is more compact and requires less footprint. Especially, its suitable to the fluid with high temperature.


  1. No infill designed, more compact structure, lower profile, less installation
    area required, and easy for transport and installation.
  2. Suitable to severe environment as its structure much more close, which could prevent from sand and dust. So it widely used for casting workshop,mining factory etc.
  3. Suitable to high temperature fluid, because hot spraying water will not distort PVC fill as no PVC fill designed.
  4. Freezing resistance,because there is no PVC fill to slow down spraying water flow speed.
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