Company ENERGAN-95 LTD. was found in June 2002.
The company doesn't have a stock. It acts on project to project basis.

Scope of activity - Sales of:

  • Steam traps, self-op pressure and temperature regulators, control valve (pneumatically or electrically actuated), safety relieve valves, solenoid valves, ejectors, flow indicators. The company offers all type of steam traps available on the local market such as: float steam traps, Inverted bucket, thermodynamic, Thermosttaic, Bi-metalic.
  • Insulation valves like: Ball, Globe, Butterfly and Gate valves for all type of fluids (steam, gasses and liquids).
  • Company offers regulators and ball valves for clean steam/air applications (pharmaceutical plants, Food Industry and so on). Condensate Return Pumps (Pressure Operated) using the steam or air pressure to discharge the condensate to the Boiler Station Condensate Return Tank.
  • Strainers and check valves for steam/gass/water.
  • Gate, Globe,Check Valves for high Pressure and High Temperature applications.
  • Dampers for gas services with temperatures up to 1200 oC.
  • Pipes and pipe fittings, Compensators.
Energan 95

Certified high quality materials. With the possibility of delivery throughout the country.