Products for Steam Condensate Systems

    1. Self acting Pressure Reducing Valves and Temperature regulators.
      Body Material: Cast Iron GG-25, Ductile Iron , Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel.
      Type of End connection: Scrfew Ends, Flanged endsSize Range: DN15-250, PN16-40
      Type of Fluids: Water, Chemicals, steam, gasses.
    2. Steam trapsFloat & ThermostaticThermostaticBimetallicThermodynamicInverted Bucket.
      Size Range: DN15-100, PN16-320
      Body material: Cast Iron GG-25, Ductile Iron, Brass, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, High Temperature Alloy Steel.
      Type of end connection: Screw, Flange ends , Weld ends
    3. Pressure Operated Pump:
      To pump condensate back to the Condensate Tanks. Pump uses the steam/Air pressure to pump condensate.
      Body material: Steel
    4. Steam/Air SeparatorsCentrofugal type (with guide blades)
      Body Material: Cast Iron GG-25, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
      Type of end connection: Screw, Flange endsSize
      Range: DN15-DN300, PN16-Ру40
      Applications: To separate a moisture from saturated steam and air.
    5. Air Vents or Vacuum release
      Body Material: Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
      Size Range: DN15-DN50, PN16-40
      Applications: To realese air from water/Steam pipe systems during start up, and to protect pipe installations from vacuum during shut off procedure.