Gate Valves

Cast Body gate valves:

Low Pressure Gate Valve: DN40-DN2000 PN1.6-PN16

Body material: Cast Iron GG-25, Ductile Iron GGG-40, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.

Middle Pressure Gate Valves: DN4040-DN600, PN25-40- body material: carbon steel, stainless steel

High Pressure Gate Valves DN40-DN400: PN64-320- Body material: carbon steel, alloy steel

Forged Body gate Valves: DN15-DN300, PN64-320

Stamped gate valves: Ду200-Ду2000 Ру1.6-Ру16, material: carbon steek

Type of end connection: Flanged Ends, Weld Ends